004 – Now Hiring

004 – Now Hiring

Attracting and Keeping Good Employees Ideas to Succeed!
In the party rental industry we all struggle with the same issues – Good Employees and employee retention. For the last 21 years of our business it has been a constant struggle to keep quality employees. We have experienced employee theft, drug use, no shows, turnover and on and on. Over the years we have developed a series of employment recruiting ideas that have proven fruitful.  In this podcast we will talk about attracting and keeping good employees and in the process give you some ideas to succeed.

  1. Type of Employees:
    a. Drivers
    b. Laborers
    c. Office Staff
    d. Cleaners
    f. Dave Ramsey
    g. College Students
    h. High School Studentsrolling a bounce house
  1. Where do You find them?
    1. College Job Boards
    i. Job Placements Office
    2. Laundry Mats
    3. Churches
    i. College Groups
    4. Craigslist
    5. Charitable Organizations
    i. Youth Group Mission Trips
    ii. Youth Sports Teams – Parents
    iii. High School Booster Clubs
    6. Pay Off Your Debt Now, Ask Me How
    i. Shirts
    ii. Car Signs
    7. Temp Agency
    i. No workmans Comp
    ii. No SSI
    8. Current Employee Incentives
    i. Recruit Friends $$ Incentive
    ii. Recruit Good Workers at Other establishments
    9.  Carry Business Cards
    10. Competitors
    11. Use your website
    i. Now Hiring Tab on Your Website
    12. Current Customers
    i. Use Invoice back as Application
    ii. Offer Free Birthday Party if Customers refer Candidates that begin Work
    iii. Email Invoice Ads for Help Wanted
    13. Facebook
    i. Facebook Class Webinar

           3) How do You Keep Them
1. Offer Incentives
i. Monthly Gift Cards
ii. Yearly Trips
iii. Christmas Savings Plan
iv. Yearly Entertainment Pass
v. Movie Passes
vi. Netflix
vii. Company Car
viii. Deep Sea Fishing Trip
ix.  Cruise
x. Free Parties for Kids

2. Recognition/ Praise
i. Business Cards for All Your Employees
a. Incentives for New Employees
b. Incentives for Creating Business
c. Create Competition
ii. Create a points system based on how much Business or new Employees your current employees get –
Winner gets a Vegas Trip for 2, Cruise, Beach Trip or Cabin in the mountains.

3. Benefits
i. Insurance
a.. Life
b. Health ( Affordable Care Act)
ii. Vacation

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